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Security Pro of Florida

Expansion of small town dealer into a new cities facilitated by our website

Shannon Runion and Chad Casassa, owners of Security Pro of Florida, had purchased a website from a well-known local website design company. They were concerned because the website produced very few leads. They though it should do more.

We designed and launched a new website for Security Pro. The new website was designed to produce leads for all of Security Pro’s product lines, throughout their service area. During the first month after the website launched, sales leads from the internet jumped dramatically. During that first month, just one lead produced a $40,000 sale.

The website allowed Security Pro to expand into new cities, counties and types of services.  One of the leads in the newly expanded area resulted in more than $1,000,000 in business.  The company gets a steady stream of quality leads from a large region of Florida.

Neal Scott Marketing also design the logo for Security Pro and created new, attractive yard signs and warning decals.

Executive Electronics of Southwest Florida Inc

Executive Electronics

An integrator in a luxury market grows rapidly

Executive Electronics had a new website that wasn’t producing leads.  We built a new website and began managing their internet marketing in 2013.  An integrator targeting the luxury market, Executive Electronics has experienced amazing growth.  They are now a Platinum Honeywell dealer and the exclusive ELAN dealer in their market.

The website draws leads from several cities for security systems, fire alarms, home automation, home theater systems, audio/video systems, surveillance video systems and networking.

CMS Tech Help website

CMS Monitoring Service

CMS dealers applaud convenient and time-saving website

CMS Criticom, division of ADT, needed a special website to assist their 3,000 dealers.  The dealers asked for a website that could be used by service technicians in the field.  While servicing equipment in the field, technicians had to often drive back to their office to get service manuals for unfamiliar equipment.  Many devices required complicated programming manuals.  Often, manuals were not available.

We developed a website that precisely met their objectives.  The website is a simple, streamlined, easy-to-use repository of dealer manuals, troubleshooting guides and programming information.

The website is a feature offered through the CMS COMPASS dealer support platform. Neal Scott Marketing also developed a new logo for the Tech Help website.  CMS dealers have found the new website to be very convenient and a great time-saver (and a cost-saver) for service technicians in the field.

September 20, 2016

Is your website “mobile-friendly”?

There was a day that shoppers used a desktop computer to shop for products or services. Those days are gone. The smartphone has become the favored device for shopping. If your website is not optimized for viewing (and using) on a smartphone, you’re going to lose.

How do you find out if your website is mobile-friendly? There is only one way to do it. Ask Google.

There are a couple of ways to make your website mobile-friendly. You can have a website designer create a separate mobile version of your existing website. If your website is built on WordPress, you can convert your website’s theme to a “responsive” theme. A responsive theme adjusts your website to format to the size of the screen on the shopper’s device – whether it is a smartphone, tablet or laptop. That way, your website will always look good, be readable and function well.

In March 2019, Google advised that a responsive website is recommended over having a separate mobile version.